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The team behind AMS

Behind AMS is a team of five founders who bring core competencies from different areas into the company. Due to a close cooperation of the founders with the University of Saarland, AMS has a very advanced and bundled know-how in the field of amorphous metals.

The deep understanding of this innovative class of materials enables us to break new technological ground and work with our customers to elevate their products to a new level.

As a startup, we remain flexible and agile. Flat hierarchies and fast order processing allow us to be successful even with newly developed component series in a short time. In doing so, we keep our customers up to date through permanent feedback loops and let them participate in our progress.

AMS is a spin-off of the Chair of Metallic Materials at Saarland University of Prof. Ralf Busch and was funded by EXIST Forschungstransfer until June 2021. This funding program supports young scientists in the transfer of high-profile research results to industry.


M.Sc. Peter Linek

CEO - Managing Director
Peter is responsible for the sales and commercial side of our start-up. Business development is his passion. He always keeps an eye on the big picture and guides the strategic decisions of AMS. In his spare time, he loves to play tennis and beach volleyball.

Dr.-Ing. Alexander Kuball

COO - Managing Director
Alexander manages our manufacturing process and all customer projects in pre-development. He designed and constructed our machine from scratch. With his professional skills, he is also available to our customers as a technical contact person. His passion for basketball is also reflected in his height.

Dr.-Ing. Benedikt Bochtler

CTO - Managing Director
As a passionate engineer, Benedikt is the head of our technology - from the production of the feedstock material to the die-casting process. He has an eye on all production interfaces and ensures that our processes interact smoothly. He also coordinates the workflows for our employees and organizes the HR department. In his spare time, he is a passionate climber and mountaineer.

Dr.-Ing. Oliver Gross

CRO - Managing Director
Oliver is head of the research department at AMS. This includes the further development of the die-casting system and research on new amorphous alloys. As an award-winning author of multiple publications, he leads the preparation of proposals for various scientific projects at AMS. In his spare time, he is also enthusiastic about innovative technology and enjoys doing tours on e-bikes, e-scooters and flying drones.

Dr.-Ing. Simon Hechler

QM Responsible
As a co-founder of AMS Simon has been substantially involved in our success. As of July 2021, he is transitioning from our Board of Directors to an advisory role. He continues to support us in the areas of certification and quality management. As a certified auditor, he ensures a consistently high level of quality. He is a former top track and field athlete and brings his sporting spirit to the team. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

 Team photos: © Beate-Helena Wehrle

AMS is now part of the Heraeus Group

AMS has been part of Heraeus since July 1, 2021. Together with Heraeus AMLOY, AMS specializes in the production of amorphous components and the development of amorphous alloys.

In addition to AMS technology, AMLOY’s injection molding machine enables the production of larger components with a maximum weight of 80 g, while AMS can represent 15 g and focuses on smaller-sized components. The technology portfolio is complemented by AMLOY’s 3D printing technology. Here, component sizes are limited only by the size of the build plates.

Heraeus AMLOY and AMS are working together to provide the perfect solution to previously unsolved material and processing challenges!

Business milestones

July 2021

AMS becomes part of the Heraeus family

From the 1st of July, Amorphous Metal Solutions GmbH becomes part of the Heraeus family and joins forces with its sister Heraeus AMLOY Technologies. Exciting joint projects await and AMS can offer its customers even more options in the use and production of amorphous metals.

July 2021

June 2021

Plant Relocation to Homburg

AMS officially moved from Saarland University to its own production hall in the Homburg industrial park in June. The newly renovated hall shines in the new AMS flair. All equipment is fully operational and the first orders are being processed.

June 2021

January 2020

Founding of a Company

At the beginning of the year 2020, the AMS team founds the company
Amorphous Metal Solutions GmbH. The five founders combine technical know-how and economic expertise, which the first pilot customers appreciate.

January 2020

October 2019

Funding and prestigious support from EXIST

AMS is supported and gefunded since October 2019 by the Federal Ministry of Economics and dthe European Social Fund ESF through the EXIST Research Transfer. EXIST Research Transfer supports outstanding research-based start-up projects, dwhich are associated with elaborate and high-risk development work.

October 2019

June 2018

Filing of a patent

The AMS team develops a globally unique concept for the production of components made of amorphous metal. The basis for this is being developed through in-depth research and development at Prof. Busch’s Chair of Metallic Materials at Saarland University. A patent application for this process will be filed with the German Patent and Trademark Office in June 2018.

June 2018

Partners and supporters

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